If you find yourself in financial difficulty please contact the chaplain, Simon Jones about loans and grants for which you might be eligible. The College Student Support Fund Committee awards grants and loans from the College funds to undergraduate and graduate students, and should also be approached to support applications to the University Hardship Committee. Home students are also eligible for assistance from the Government''s "Access to Learning Fund", which is administered by the University.

Application forms are available from Simon Jones, and further information is contained in the financial guide for undergraduates posted on the Merton College website.

In addition, all students are eligible for College book grants (which cover 50% of the cost of books and photocopying needed for academic work), and may also apply for travel grants and research grants.

Specific help is available for clinical medical students towards the cost of essential equipment and laundry, and for first-year Biologists to fund the mandatory field trip.

Full details of all financial assistance can be found on pgs. 12-14 of the College Handbook.

Oxford University also has one of the most generous financial support systems of any UK university. It offers several sources of financial assistance including bursaries for covering living costs and tuition fee reductions. These are based on household income, with incomes less than 42,621 eligible for living cost bursaries and incomes less than 25,000 eligible for tuition fee reductions (2015 figures). Also if you have applied for student finance you should be automatically granted these bursaries if you are eligible for them. See the university website section on financial support for more info.