College support

This page should be a guide for all those interested in the financial side of Oxford, and want to find out what help is available but don’t know where to begin! Whilst this page might be most helpful for freshers, it should also be helpful for anyone who finds themselves suddenly in need of this information. This information was correct as of March 2020, but exact figures may be subject to change over time so please check the embedded links. If you have any questions, feel free to email for more information!

College living costs


Undergraduate accommodation costs were £3,729 for a non-ensuite room and £3,951 for an ensuite room in the academic year 2019-2020. The accommodation cost covers rent, electricity, heating, wifi and cleaning costs. The exact pricing does change from year to year, so please check the prices on the website here. This price has to be paid in three installments at the beginning of each term. For more on accommodation at Merton, see our dedicated page here.


Food is provided by hall, and whilst prices are subject to change, they average at about £10 per day for 3 meals. Hall is able to cater to most dietary requirements, so it’s an affordable and social way to get meals. Lunch and formal hall (a 3-course meal) are the most popular meals. See more about hall at the College’s page here or our own page here.

There are four main kitchens in the main college precinct: the JCR kitchen, Merton Street kitchen, North Lodge kitchen and Rose Lane 5 kitchen. These are available to students depending on where they live. There are also kitchens in all the houses on Holywell Street.

Grants, bursaries and funding

Exam Prizes

You can receive, subject to college’s decisions;

  • Book tokens if you do well in your collections (mock exams).

  • Exhibitions at £250 for getting a first in Preliminary Examinations (at the end of your first year) or other notable academic performance.

  • Postmasterships at £450 can be awarded to those who received Exhibitions from second year.

Undergraduate Research Grant

Up to £221.20 is available to final-year students who need to perform research for their thesis. Payments will not be made for thesis binding or copying, but for other costs. Please fill out the application form here before the final term of study.

Vacation Study Grant

Provisions for accommodation in college outside of term time are available, with up to 30 days available per student.

Undergraduate Travel Grant

Money available for travel that has an educational benefit is available to students, as long as you fill out an application form. Applications should be made before 5pm on Friday of 4th week of the term before the proposed travel. Apply here.

Year Abroad Grant

Applied for on an individual basis, the college can provide funds for students taking their year abroad. Applications must be made by 5pm Friday of 4th week Trinity term here.

Gerry Grimstone Travel Award

Funding available for students to travel for academic development, to undertake social justice or engagement and for intellectual/personal development.

Please note that you can either apply to the Gerry Grimstone Travel Award or the Undergraduate Travel Grant, not both. Apply here by 5pm Friday 4th week, Trinity Term.

Language Course Reimbursement

The college will pay for all or the majority of the fee of taking a language course at the University’s Language Centre. Please contact the Academic Officer to find out how to be reimbursed.

Summer Projects Grant

Available to students who would like to undertake some form of academic project during the summer.

Book Grant

A book grant of up to £100 per year is given to cover half of your spending on books for your course (you’ll need to keep your receipts). Apply by Friday 6th week Trinity term here.

Sports Grant

Merton can contribute to travel, membership and facility fees of those participating in college-level or university-level sport.

Music Awards

Subject to certain criteria, up to £450 per year is available for up to 6 students per year. Please apply here by 5pm on Tuesday of 1st week.

Master Grant

A grant available for students who require funding but are not eligible to apply for any other grant. This can only be applied to as a one-off. Apply here by 5pm Friday of 4th week.

For more information look at the College’s intranet and website pages on financial support!