The JCR first and foremost is the community of undergraduates within Merton. It is a social body that hopes to welcome all its members equally and to provide them with both support and entertainment.

A lot of work has to go on behind the scenes to make sure that the JCR can, and will, continue to offer such services to its members. On this page you can access information about the nuts and bolts of JCR operations. If you have a query about any element of JCR procedure or indeed any question, the Exec tab features the people you might want to contact.

You can also access our constitution and standing orders through the tabs on the left to see how the JCR governs itself. If you’re a member of the JCR, the agendas and minutes of our fortnightly meetings (during term time) are also accessible, along with other information about the JCR’s activity.

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