Entz at Merton isn't exactly what the stereotype tells you. Two entz reps on the Exec and two Deputy Entz reps on the Committee work tirelessly to bring the JCR's members some of the best events around. 

Below are some highlights, but to get the full picture, see our special Entz Guide.


Merton BOPs are pretty special. We hold them at the Sports Pavilion four times a term (except in Trinity), lasting until 2am. We also hold a Pre-BOP party in the JCR with free drinks and food, setting you all up for the main show. We have our own, extremely powerful, dedicated soundsystem, which the Entz DJs use to stellar effect alongside lighting and effects that wouldn't be amiss in a club. The bar at the Pavilion runs special BOP prices too. Without a shadow of a doubt these are the best BOPs in Oxford.

Wine & Cheese

This event has become something of a staple at Merton JCR. Vast quantities of dearer-than-£3 wine, much cheese and easy-listening jazz create a great atmosphere for a lively night in the wonderful setting of either the JCR or the MCR.

Big Night Out

Sometimes Merton needs representing en masse, to fully reassert itself as a JCR that does occasionaly nip out of the library for a wild one. Drinks, music and nibbles in the JCR, some free tickets to give away, and then a giant march to the clubnight of choice that evening. The record was set in Junction in Hilary 2012, where 90 Mertonians virtually owned the floor. Let's top that this year!

Casino Night

One of the most popular events in the termcard. Transforming the MCR into a classy casino, we invite you to impress us with your black tie attire and, more importantly, your poker skills. Now's the time to settle in the poker arena who's the King and who's the Joker. Don't worry, though - we don't play with real money so your student loan is safe!


Check out the Entz guide or ask your awesome Entz or Dentz reps.

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